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2 Basic Categories of Sound Equipment That Every Small Church Needs

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You might be a leader of a small church that has gracious givers. In a church like this, there is usually enough money in the budget to afford some enhancements. One of these enhancements that every small church needs is a powerful sound system.

A sound system would improve the services of a small congregation and could increase membership. When you’re trying to understand a small church sound system, it’s best to think of it as two categories that you must have for the system to be effective.

1. Sound Essentials

First, you will need a soundboard to connect all of your components. The soundboard regulates the volume of all the audio involved in the church. Soundboards can be overwhelming to navigate at first because they have many switches and controls, but a little practice will make you feel more comfortable with them.

You will also need to invest in a pair of speakers. Any audio that is connected to the soundboard needs an outlet to come out, and those will be your speakers. Choose two of good quality. Last, you will need 3-4 mics to amplify the voice of the person speaking. When a person speaks in the church, it could be difficult to hear them throughout the room, especially for the congregants sitting near the back. This is the main reason why mics are important. All of these items make up the essential setup of your sound system at church. If needed, consider getting some advice on proper sound system installation.

2. Accessories

You will also need accessories for all of the equipment listed above. Consider investing in stands for all of your mics. It’s unprofessional to leave mics lying around. You will also want all of the necessary cables for your mics and instruments. These are the cables that will be connected to the essential components and soundboard.

If you implement these basic pieces of equipment into your small church today, you will have your sound system up and running. After this, you can start to add more later.

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