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2019 in review: Kim’s top 10 tech tips

Are you ready? As a new decade barrels in, it’s time to reflect, reorganize and regroup things in our lives. A fresh start to a fresh new year.

With many changes in the near future, like 5G going mainstream, the team here at is busy preparing for 2020 and beyond. Tap or click here to learn more about 5G. We are excited and look forward to continuing to provide you with informative content on everything technology-related.

Part of our “fresh start” for the new year is to reflect on Komando tips that have proven invaluable to fans like you over the last few years. So, as we close out 2019 and welcome in a new decade, we would like to share Kim’s top 10 tech tips.

1. Find and delete duplicate photos

Love to take photos with your smartphone? Of course, you do, with lenses that provide professional quality images without the need for traditional film developing techniques, what’s not to love? The problem is if you take enough pictures, you are sure to have duplicates hogging up your device’s storage.

Don’t let duplicates bog down your system, find and delete them instead. Whether you are looking to clear space on a mobile device, Windows desktop or Mac unit, we have the scoop on what free tools work best for each system.

2. Organize your messy photo collection

While having a camera with you at all times is convenient, if you enjoy taking a lot of photos, an accumulation of image files can lead to a messy photo app. It also makes it difficult to locate specific images.

As you save and protect hard copy photos with albums, your digital collection should also be carefully organized. With the use of a few tools, you could have duplicates removed, images categorized in no time and storage freed up on your device.

3. Find out who sent that email

Who hasn’t received a suspicious email? If you have an inbox, you’ve been the recipient of unsolicited messages at some point. Typically sent under the guise of a legitimate or unknown source, they often include a request for personal info or ask you to click a link.

In addition to Kim’s advice about how you should never open questionable emails, and adjust spam settings to reduce the amount of spam you receive, you have several options to track down the origin of suspicious or anonymous emails.

4. Print a website without ads/junk

Ever printed out a webpage only to find it loaded with advertisements and text that resembles hieroglyphs? Webpages, by default, are not designed for printing, thus, the jumbled mess.

No longer do you have to waste paper when you want a printout from the web. There is a quick, easy method that will eliminate all the advertisements and provide a clean copy.

5. Wipe old devices before selling

Want to sell old devices you have lying around? Outside of donating your equipment, you can recoup a few bucks on used equipment in several ways, including eBay and websites like Gazelle. If it’s a mobile device, check your trade-in value at an ecoATM located throughout the country.

Regardless of where your devices end up, if you neglect to permanently delete sensitive data you may hand over personal information by mistake. To help you protect your digital life, you need to remove all data from the device.

6. 10 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

If you are an iPhone owner, you know the smartphone is quite an enigma. No matter the tips and tricks you learn from using the mobile device, there are always others you haven’t discovered.

You don’t have to struggle to find hidden functions. We’ve unearthed a variety of handy features. Of course, as with everything Apple, the company will continue to surprise its fans with more hidden features down the road, and when it does, we’ll be there to tell you all about them.

7. Get great reception with your indoor antenna

Tired of paying skyrocketing cable prices and ready to join the cord-cutting community? While you will rid your home of cable and its rented equipment, you will still need one piece of hardware to pick up local channels: an indoor HDTV antenna.

Although TV broadcasts are in digital format, which produces a clear picture, several factors make a difference in reception and image clarity. Ensure the best picture quality with our recommendations.

8. Remove viruses from your iPad or iPhone

Without question, Apple makes the security of your mobile device(s) a priority. The company makes it tough for unauthorized persons to access your iPhone or iPad; however, trouble can still find its way in.

If your iPhone or iPad is acting up, or you notice an app is not functioning correctly, it’s time to take a closer look to determine the cause. Whether it be a buggy app or a virus, we can help you get your device back in working order.

9. Access secret Netflix menus

The granddaddy to all streaming services continues to provide millions of subscribers with a vast library. Binge favorites like “West Wing,” “Mad Men,” or “Breaking Bad,” or simply immerse yourself in original programming.

While you may be satisfied with the main menu offerings, Netflix has a few secret menus that, when accessed, can open a whole new world for you. Enjoy!

10. Electronically sign a PDF

Thanks to Adobe’s Portable Document Format, commonly known as PDF, it’s easier for companies to go paperless. In addition to being a convenient and portable document, they are also easy to create and view.

While a PDF file is simple to open regardless of device, signing one of these documents can be a challenge; however, you can add your digital signature to a PDF with just a few simple steps.


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