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3 Unusual Ways To Earn Money in Your Garage

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When people talk about earning money from home, you might think of someone sitting at their dining room table in front of a computer If you hate computers and can’t bear the thought of doing office work, take heart. There are other ways you can earn a great living from the comfort of your own garage. Here are three.

1. Open an Auto Repair Shop

Having an auto repair shop can provide you with a good living from home. Learn auto mechanic skills from a local trade school and then work for a couple of years for a local auto mechanic. Save up money and open a repair shop from your garage. Purchase truck parts online by contacting used truck body parts.

2. Open a Local Dog Grooming Studio

The pet industry is seeing explosive growth, and dog grooming s a booming industry you may never have heard of. It’s a great way to make money. If you like dogs and don’t mind the occasional nip, you can earn a good living as a dog groomer. You’ll need to learn the trade, but dog grooming studios are always hiring and many are willing to provide you with on-the-job training. Once you’ve acquired sufficient skills, you can open your own studio from your garage. No more commute and a great income.

3. Grow and Sell Seedlings

If you have a green thumb, think about growing and selling seedlings. Read up on how to start plants from seeds and watch online videos for growing tips. You can sell your seedlings to friends and neighbors. Also, acquire a booth at your local farmer’s market.

While all three of these vocations are a great way to learn a living from home, you will have to work hard and market your business, but you’ll find the rewards well worth the effort.

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