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4 tips to attract and recruit tech talent


Hire Specialist Recruiters

Hiring specialist recruiters who can understand and speak tech savvy is pivotal to a successful recruitment process, especially when attracting technical candidates. It is essential job descriptions entice top talent, alongside describing the job in such a way that makes sense to them. If the job description does not show a knowledge of technical understanding and language, candidates may get the impression the company doesn’t have internal expertise in this area, and their skills would be better suited elsewhere.

Look for candidates in the right places

The tech talent you are looking for is unlikely to just be found on the traditional job boards. Researching and investing time into what platforms, social networks and forums tech candidates are more likely to use for their job search will allow you to scout out the very best talent that is suited to the role. Using social networks such as LinkedIn will enable you to effectively head hunt tech talent, not only through LinkedIn Recruiter, but also joining relevant tech-related LinkedIn Groups allows you to share job postings directly to tech professionals.

Social media advertising

Rather than increasing the vacancy alerts posted via your social networks, for example Facebook page or Twitter feed, consider running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign on social media. Such campaigns enable you to specifically target the audience you want to apply for the role, based on their interests and geographical information. Alongside this, targeted campaigns means less repeated job posts on your social media pages to avoid bombarding your current followers news feeds.

Communicate with potential candidates with a human touch

If you are approaching candidates you have found via forums or social networks, such as LinkedIn, rather than copy and pasting the same generic message to each relevant candidate you find, tailor messages to engage the tech talent you have found. This could include mentioning skills or expertise that fit with the role and company.

If you are looking for assistance with hiring for a technical role, whether that be temporary or permanent, we encourage you to get in touch with our specialist technical recruiter Kayley Chalk to discuss your requirements.


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