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4 Unconventional Ways of Earning Money in India

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Primarily, all of us indulge in some kind of a profession or occupation to earn a living. While some of us pursue the conventional options available in a professional career, many others already have an occupation in place to make their living. And there are the remaining others who are always on the lookout for opportunities of earning. But, times are changing and so are the options. Today, we have many new or somewhat unconventional ways opened up to help us make money. Thanks to the internet, it has opened up floodgates of opportunities for anyone willing to explore the new and the unconventional earning alternatives.

Here, in this article, we quickly run you through a couple of exciting yet unconventional ways of earning money in India. In a country where formal education takes precedence over everything else, and a professional career seems to the ultimate dream to be achieved, these unconventional ways come in as a fresh breathe of air to anyone to wants to take the uncharted path to success.

  1. Be a freelancer

Freelancing seems to have caught up the fancy of the current generation. If you are good at something or you possess a specialized skill, and if you wish to do things at your pace without being employed by anyone, freelancing is the best mode to operate. You could be a freelancer of anything – interior designer, programmer, artist, writer, fashion designer, tutor, etc. But, it is critical that you do good marketing to get clients.

  1. Professional consultant

Another exciting way, especially for people with professional skills, is you could become professional consultants and provide your specialized skills. Profiles like financial consultants, digital marketing consultants, image consultants, content marketing consultants, etc are relatively new and fast catching up with qualified and experienced people. You get paid either on hourly basis or project wise depending on the nature and complex of the projects that you get associated with.

  1. Be an online gamer

This appears to be the coolest of all. Why not? Who gets to earn while having fun? Well, online gaming is a turning to be a niche entertainment segment in the recent years. Many people young and old, professionals and even retired people alike are taking up gaming online in a big way. Today, there are several games from casual games to card games like online rummy which are legal to play in the country. You could also play rummy online for cash, and winning at these games are recognized legal too. With many online gaming portals offering fabulous gaming options including amazing rewards and prizes, you could play online games and earn big also. If you have what it takes to win at these games, be assured your gaming skills will help you gain handsomely.

  1. Your own YouTube channel

For the early birds who started their YouTube channels a couple of years ago, things an entirely different today. It’s literally raining cash for them! Yes, people who began initially are now making millions from this channel. But, today, things have changed. Today, it is highly competitive. You need to identify a niche area and start uploading videos to a niche audience which benefits them. By this way, you’ll be able to tap the growing and lucrative market of online video blogging.

It’s time for action

As they say, better late than never, its time you explore these options. Things are changing at a faster pace than one could imagine. Hence, make hay when the sun shines.

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