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5 Easy Ways to Increase SEO with Coupons

For online marketers and retailers there is not only a constant struggle to increase website rankings and manage brand awareness, but find the best ways to increase their SEO campaign and overall marketing strategies in a digital sphere. You can believe or not, but coupon use is on the upswing. Today more and more business owners and marketers integrate online coupons for their customers on websites.

According to the report, implementing coupons can increase not only website traffic to your store, but also make people spend more when they have coupons. Almost 43 % of mobile users have taken a coupon and 26 % enhance their basket size when using one. Coupons give reasons 39% of them for spending more and the rest past of users would embed mobile payments if offered coupons.

In this post, we will take a close look how coupons can increase your online presence and drive more sales.

  1. Offer Coupons for New Clients

When a customer visits your website for the first time, they will search for something to grab their attention and find a solution to their problem. For some online businesses, coupons are an effective way to attract new customers.

You should get some strategy behind what kind of coupons to offer people to your door first. Make a deep research in your niche and figure out what specials can bring more attention to new customers like offer something free with a purchase or an overall store discount.

For example, Prestige Barber Shop in NYC offers new clients 5$ off only for haircuts and 45$ for men’s haicuts and signature wet shave:

Another great way to entice new customers is to keep in touch with other websites or blogs in your niche and provide their users with exclusive coupon codes. This is a kind of cost- effective advertisement. You can kill two birds with one stone: make their readers happy with good discounts and get potential clients.

  1. Reward Repeat Customers

When customers finalize their order, coupons will be a good way to reward existing clients and motivate them to buy more. If your business owns some budget for it, you can print discount codes on the thank you card and send them out with their orders. I bet that this kind of trick will surprise your clients.

Take a look at the following coupons that Domino’s company offers their existing clients:

Generally, it’s better to offer coupons based on your clients’ concerns like:

  • Birthday discounts;
  • Holiday deals;
  • Seasonal clearance sale;
  • Service reminders.

Make sure that people don’t want to be bombarded with different emails and offers that they aren’t interested in. Give them what they really want. These types of coupons are usually distributed via email lists, on social media and posted on websites. If you use this way, you won’t attract many new leads, but it will be an effective way to encourage your loyal customers.

  1. Offer a Generous Deal

Do you want to get extra sales? Give buyers that bigger sale. Creating a generous offer can encourage people to use this opportunity, share it on social media and even write about this sale on websites. It will get an increase in website traffic, conversions and website rankings.

Offer some incentives with an eye to your customers can get an extra item into their shopping cart. Here are some examples of Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s how they would look like:


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