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5 Tips for Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

6 Tips To Create Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

The average American household receives 454 pieces of marketing mail per year. But, simply getting it in the mailbox is the easy part. If you want recipients to open the mail and act on it, follow these 3 tips:

Make a good offer

If you want to see success with your direct mail campaign, you need a good offer as part of your messaging. This will increase your chances that more recipients feel compelled to respond. To ensure the offer is easy to act upon, make sure your call to action — what the recipient should do next — is crystal clear on your mailer and is a straightforward process.

Ensure your mail list is specific

Direct mail had an average response rate of 9% for house lists. Marketing professionals agree that at least 40% of that success relies on the quality of the list you are using. You want to be as targeted as possible by narrowing down your list based on geographies, ages, genders, income levels, and even homeownership based on the specifics of your product or service. List providers, such as this mailing list service Atlanta, can help you refine your list, so it’s as targeted as possible.

Combine direct mail and email to drive action

To reach today’s busy and often overwhelmed consumer, you can’t rely on just one channel. To reinforce your messaging and increase its potential impact, consider sending mail via traditional and digital methods. When sending via both channels, ensure the branding and messaging aligns.

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