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AJPD offers summer traveling safety tips from preparing cars to charging phones

The Apache Junction Police Department offers some simple, basic crime prevention tips for residents, tourists during summer travels.

According to a press release, travelers can take precautionary steps to minimize their chances of becoming a victim while traveling as “you can never be too prepared for safety.”

Summer safety involves the following traveling recommendations:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good working order by getting an inspection to include basic mechanical and tires checked.
  • Since many people have a global positioning system (GPS) in their cars or on a smart phone, make sure the GPS works; also have a printed version of your route.
  • Consider the best time to leave to avoid heavy traffic periods.
  • If you have roadside service as part of your car insurance, keep that information or another resource handy in case of a breakdown.
  • Check the weather forecast along your route as storms can arise quickly.
  • Keep luggage and valuables secure, out of sight, or remove them when you park your car.
  • Speak to your children about talking to strangers and always accompany them; also have a plan for what to do if separated.
  • Have a cell phone and charger available for emergencies
  • Consider using a smartphone application if an insurance company has one to easily and quickly call for help.
  • Limit how much is shared on social media as this tells people when you are not home; wait until you return from your trip to share experiences.


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