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The Benefits Of Sourcing A Big Rig Through A Lease-Purchase Agreement

Without truckers, retail stores’ shelves wouldn’t be stocked with goods, mail wouldn’t get where it needs to go, and people would effectively be forced to grow their own food. We often take truckers for granted, especially considering how tough their jobs are. Most truck drivers own their own big rigs, which also means they have to put up many thousands of dollars to purchase their own 18-wheelers. Believe it or not, buying a new tractor-trailer here in the United States costs anywhere between $130,000 and $180,000, says business statistics company Frost & Sullivan. Although the upfront and maintenance costs are high, the potential payout of being a successful owner-operator in the field of truck driving is great. Let’s take a peek at a few of the benefits of being an owner-operator and leasing one’s own vehicle.

Arguably The Only Way To Go For Experienced Drivers Is The Lease-Purchase Option

Most Americans, including long-haul truck drivers, don’t have enough money to purchase new or reliable vehicles outright with cash. As such, they seek out financing to secure vehicles. Truck drivers often do this, too. If you’ve got at least five years’ worth of experience in the field, are confident you’re going to be a trucker for a while, and are certain that you can get plenty of business on your own, the lease-purchase agreement is the only way to go.

Drivers With Bad Credit Can Get Wheels ASAP

Truck drivers with good credit scores often try to finance the purchase of big rigs through banks. However, people without good credit scores are able to seek out 18-wheelers as soon as possible using leases. Leases that have options to buy are good for truckers with bad credit who plan on driving for a long time.

People With Good Credit Still Struggle

Even drivers with high credit scores struggle to secure financing for 18-wheelers because down payments usually have to be at least 20 percent of the purchase price of big rigs. If you don’t have enough money to put up a hefty down payment, the lease-purchase option is best for you.

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