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From best sellers to quieter options, a guide to buying fireworks


The Fourth of July is almost here and for many celebrating the holiday, that means fireworks displays at home.

Crystal Duncan, of Big G Fireworks, offers her suggestions for the best fireworks to buy ahead of the holiday.

Duncan has worked for Big G Fireworks for 16 years. She currently works in their South Pleasantburg Drive store. Big G Fireworks is owned by Greg Turner, who has been in the fireworks business in the Upstate for 25 years and owns two brick and mortar stores along with some temporary fireworks stands.

Duncan said store employees are more than willing to give personalized advice to anyone who is new to fireworks or looking to switch up their show, but the following are a few of her favorite suggestions.

The one that will sell out

Duncan described Excalibur as the store’s most popular choice. It comes in 60 gram or 500 gram varieties and features reloadable artillery. Excalibur runs about $80.

Similar to the most popular, but louder

Looking for a big bang? Duncan describes the 5″ Neon reloadable artillery box as similar to Excalibur but with louder explosions and neon colors.

It runs about $100.

The biggest they sell

Duncan said the 1000 Gram Finale is the largest Big G sells. She said the sparks spread across the sky after take off.

Her personal favorite

Duncan is a big fan of the One Bad Mother-in-Law, a product she describes as a “show in a box.” The explosion forms a palm shape and crackles at the end. It costs $50 for the box.

For fans of Chinese New Year celebrations

If you’re looking for outside inspiration or love the sound of firecrackers used in Chinese New Year celebrations, Duncan recommends the Celebration Crackers.The wheel-shaped explosive holds 16,294 crackers that explode on their own and a “bomb” in the center that gives off a louder final explosion. It runs about $80

Kid friendly

Duncan had several recommendations for kids. Anyone looking to make a purchase with their allowance money can pick up an assorted pack of smaller fireworks for about $10. There’s also the Cat Mobile, a Batman-inspired vehicle that moves across the ground and makes noise after being lit. It runs about $5. The store also carries snappers and sparklers.

For people who have an issue with loud noises

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of people and animals who aren’t comfortable with loud noises. People who wish to keep it quiet do have options. Duncan suggests confetti poppers like “Pistol Poppers,” a variety shaped like a gun that quietly shoots confetti. There are also Peepers and Dragon Fire which can be lit and react by shooting quiet flames. Sparklers are another popular option.

For adults fueled by nostalgia

Duncan suggests Torpedo poppers, a sort of adult version of the snap-n-pop crackers that go off when thrown against a hard surface. Torpedo poppers are larger and have a louder explosion, but are still easy to use and don’t require a lighter.

For young kids or anyone afraid of fire

Duncan recommends the store’s 36-inch sparklers for anyone who loves the look of fireworks, but would prefer to keep their distance. The large sparklers work just like smaller sparklers but keep the fire at a safer distance.

There are people and animals in the Upstate community who are not comfortable with the sights and sounds of fireworks for various reasons, including mental effects of serving in the U.S. military. Please keep in mind safety when using fireworks and the needs of those nearby.


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