Best Sports Blogs: The Best Sport Sites to Read In 2022

Best Sports Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2022

Sport is one of those things that you’ll have to go a long way to find somebody that has no interest in. Whether it’s football, cricket, rugby, swimming or athletics, most people will have some sort of interest in a sport, be it watching or taking part.

And because of this, there are countless numbers of sport blogs on the internet for you to keep up with your chosen sport on.

There are many quality sports blogs out there; general sites that cover a wide range of sports and sport-specific blogs that will focus on one individual sport and specialise in the ins and outs of the that sport.

We’ve compiled a list of the best sport blogs for you to check out and enjoy. We’ll cover a range of sports and also include a few general sport blogs too.

What’s our criteria? We’ll be including blogs that provide genuinely good content and expert insights to their specific sport. We’ll also take into account how easy the site is to use, design will play a small part too, but ultimately we’re looking for the best sport blogs, so we’ll be checking out the blog awards scene too.

Best Football Blogs – 2022

We thought we’d start our list of the best sport blogs with the most popular sport in the world, but we’ll get to golf later on and start with the best football blogs instead.

The Football Lab

Winners of the Best New Football Blog in the 2016 Football Blogging Awards, The Football Lab is a great blog focusing primarily on English football.

Unlike many football blogs, The Football Lab provides insights, news and analysis throughout the Football League from the Premier League to League 2, rather than solely being a Premier League blog.

Transfer Tavern

For football fans across the world, transfer talk is one the favourite points of discussion all season long with transfer deadline day being on par with Christmas.

The Transfer Tavern’s transfer focus make it one of the most popular football blogs out there but as well as transfers, TT provide quality content around Europe’s biggest leagues including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Scottish Premier League and others, with news articles, pre-match build up, match day reviews and much more.

Football Paradise

Football Paradise is one of the most broad football blogs on this list. Covering a wide range of subjects within football, Football Paradise makes for worthwhile reading if you’re looking for something more in depth than the tabloid sites.

You haven’t got to look into the Football Paradise blog too much to see that they take an in-depth look at football as a whole. With articles including assessments of individual players and managers of the men’s and women’s game, book reviews, a look at the political side to the beautiful game, interviews and a whole lot more.

Inside World Football

If you’re looking to read up the latest news and happening off the pitch, Inside World Football is the ideal football blog for you, looking into the business of football all around the world.

Inside World Football cover a vast range of areas within football that include football finance, marketing and sponsorship deals, tournament bids and a look into the latest FIFA news. They even look into the latest law news within football.


If you’re a football fan, you’re most likely well aware of Squawka and their site already. Probably best known for their statistical reporting and analysis, Squawka are definitely one of the best sites for Premier League analysis and news.

As well as Premier League news, Squawka also feature quizzes, release their own podcasts and video content as well as boasting one of the best statistics comparison tools on the internet, which you can see below.


Once again, if you’re a football fan, you’ll know all about WhoScored?

What makes WhoScored? so special is that they cover football all across the world and not just Europe and the Premier League. If you want to know the latest scores and football betting odds from the MLS, Greek, Brazilian or whichever league, WhoScored? will have it covered.

Much like Squawka, WhoScored? are known for being one of the go-to resources for football stats, and which football fan doesn’t love a good statistic?

Best Tennis Blogs 2022

Next up on our list of the best sports blogs is tennis. Not only is tennis by far the most popular racket sport in the world, it’s one of the most popular sports in the world.

The likes of Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and our very own Tim Henman have elevated what was already a well loved sport to new heights in recent history. If you’re looking to read a tennis blog, check out these sites.

Tennis Now

The online supplement of the popular tennis magazine, Tennis Now is many tennis fans’ go-to for the latest tennis news, latest rankings and tournament information.

As well as videos, podcasts and a range of other great content, Tennis Now also has an ‘instruction’ section, providing tutorials and tennis tips for playing better tennis yourself.

Love Tennis Blog

Granted, this isn’t the prettiest site in the world, but Love Tennis is one of the most popular tennis blogs out there for it’s well written and interesting content.

Sharing opinion based articles, as well as product reviews, player profiles and tournament news it’s easy to see why tennis fans enjoy reading Love Tennis regularly.

Best Horse Racing Blogs 2022

Horse racing is possibly the most researched sport due to the high levels of betting activity that takes place. Therefore finding a reliable blog that will give trustworthy news, statistics, race calendars and real-time results is important for many horse racing fans.

Racing Post

Bringing you the latest race highlights, news, and stats Racing Post is an ideal hub of information for the racing fan.

As well as bringing you UK horse racing information, Racing Post also take a look at international racing and also feature a section for greyhound racing too.

At The Races

Racing fans will be fully aware of At The Races already; Sky’s own dedicated horse racing channel, but did you know that their website is packed full of great horse racing blogs?

The At The Races blogs features articles written by racing experts, pundits, commentators and racers themselves. Giving you expert insights that you wouldn’t normally get from a fan blog. Well worth checking out if you’re looking for quality horse racing content.

Sporting Life

This is a great sport blog that covers a range of sport including football, darts, NFL and many more sports. However the primary focus and main topic of conversation is horse racing.

Sporting Life bring you up-to-date news regarding all things racing and offer event previews leading up to race day. Once again, in association with Sky, you know you’re going to receive quality and reliable content.

Best Rugby Blogs 2022

You have to admire what rugby players do; putting their bodies and faces on the line to win games and entertain the fans. This is one of the reasons why rugby fans are some of the most dedicated fans in all of sport.

As the well known saying goes, with quality support comes quality blogs… Here are the best rugby blogs to keep up to date with.

Rugby Dump

Rugby Dump is a one-stop-shop for Rugby Union fans.

As well as bringing you the latest news from the big tournaments and internationals, Rugby Dump take a look into the youth squads and talents of tomorrow, offer training tips and tutorials so you can brush up your own skills, player and manager interviews and tactical analysis too.

Check out Rugby Dump here.

Blood and Mud

If you’re looking for a range of Rugby content, Blood and Mud is well worth checking out. As well as the standard news and game previews, Blood and Mud keeps you updated with regular podcasts, videos and a wide range of special features.

The focus spans international and domestic rugby as well as keeping an eye on what’s happening in Europe.

The Rugby Blog

The creatively named Rugby Blog is an in-depth focus into England Rugby and the Aviva Premiership.

If you’re looking for news and articles into the ‘mainstream’ area of Rugby Union, the Rugby Blog is a great place to start.

Love Rugby League

Love Rugby League covers plenty of areas within Rugby League including the Super League, Championship and League 1. As well as the domestic competitions LRL looks into internationals and cup competitions too.

As far as sport blogs go, Love Rugby League is very fan-focused with a specific Fan Zone area for Fantasy Rugby League, tips and much more.

Best Boxing Blogs 2022

Boxing has seen somewhat of a resurgence in the last few years, after being through what many writers labelled as boxing’s ‘dark ages’. Dominant, and often called boring, champions such as Wladimir Klitschko and Floyd Mayweather have stepped aside and boxing seems to be getting back to a place where the goal of fighters seems to winning titles rather soley than making money and picking opponents they know they can easily take care of.

With this increase in interest comes a need to for reliable and quality boxing information; here are some of the best boxing blogs to check out.

Bad Left Hook

Keeping you up to date with the latest news, rumours and negotiations from all around the world, across all the weight divisions, Bad Left Hook is widely considered to be one of the best boxing blogs out there.

Featuring fanposts and articles written by many different authors, Bad Left Hook brings a range of opinions from experts across the different weight classes and continents, keeping their blog posts fresh and reliable.

Boxing News

One of the go-to resources for boxing fans across the world, Boxing News is much more than the latest boxing news.


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