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Bigg Boss Tamil 3, Day 43 Written Update: Mugen Damages Property In A Fit Of Rage

Bigg Boss Tamil 3, Day 43 Written Update: Mugen Damages Property In A Fit Of Rage



  1. Mugen was seen crying for Reshma’s eviction
  2. Sakshi upset Abhirami, who was in tears
  3. Mugen and Abhirami also had a fight

With Reshma being evicted in the weekend and actor Saravanan ousted from the show following his controversial comments, the Bigg Boss house has now shrunk to 10 members. Reshma’s eviction was a bit of a shock to the housemates and Mugen was seen crying for Reshma’s eviction.

Mugen, Sakshi, Sherin and Abhirami were talking about Reshma’s eviction when out of blue Sakshi questioned Abhirami about if she “has any problems if Sakshi talks to Mugen.” Abhirami replied this is unnecessaery at the time as their housemate Reshma has just been evicted. This escalated the tension between Sakshi and Abhirami. Abhirami left the place in tears.

Mugen came forward in an attempt to pacify Abhirami. Mugen, who was furious over the current situation, damaged a bed with his bare hands in a fit of rage. Hearing the commotion, the other roommates rushed to cool down Mugen and Abhirami. Abhirami apologized to Sakshi and they both made up with a hugged and vowed to remain friends just like they were before.

When the housemates were asked to nominate two names for this week’s eviction, most of the housemates nominated Abhirami and Sakshi. Abhirami topped the nomination suggestions for this week’s eviction followed by her fellow housemates Abhirami, Sakshi, Losliya and Saravanan, who still featured in the last episode.


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