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Buying Guide: fusionstix are the ultimate chopsticks

Image result for Buying Guide: fusionstix are the ultimate chopsticksWhether you’re trying to learn how to use chopsticks, frequently pack your lunch during the work week, or are just looking for a cute gift idea for your favorite foodie, fusionstix are about to be your new favorite utensil. These brightly colored chopsticks transform can transform into a fork and back again in an instant.

A Different Bite Every Time

These combination chopsticks are perfect for beginner chopstick users since you can easily switch from chopstick to fork for different foods. Maybe you’ve mastered picking up sushi but still struggle with rice. Simply close the fusionstix and use the fork when needed. They’re also an ideal utensil to keep in your desk at work since you can eat almost any packed lunch with them.

A Greener Utensil

Because fusionstix are light and easy to clean, they’re the perfect go anywhere utensil. If you love grabbing takeout on your way to work but want to skip the single use plastic forks and knives, pack fusionstix in your bag. The chopsticks are durable enough to last for years and are made from recycled plastic for an even lower environmental impact.

Why Customers Love Them

Amazon customers are raving about this fork chopstick combination utensil giving it an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Longtime chopstick users love the ability to scoop and spear foods they don’t traditionally eat with chopsticks, while beginners found this tool helped them get the hang of using chopsticks. Several customers mentioned what a great gift fusionstix were for friends and coworkers.


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