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Buying Guide: Say goodbye to clogged shower drains with this handy gadget

Image result for Buying Guide: Say goodbye to clogged shower drains with this handy gadgetIf you’ve ever been looking forward to your morning shower only to find yourself standing in a pool of backed up water, there’s one simple gadget your tub needs. The TubShroom is the least gross way to catch hair and keep your shower drain clear and clean.

How It Works

Unlike shallow hair strainers that need to be emptied daily (which let’s be honest, you probably forgot to do before your morning coffee), the TubShroom fits inside your drain to catch hair in a caged compartment. Strands wrap around this tub drain protector in a way that makes it easy to clean; simply wipe off with a paper towel on a regular basis and replace the drain snare an infinite number of times.

Chemical-Free and Cost-Effective

Unlike harsh chemical drain cleaners, the TubShroom prevents the problem before clogs happen. It’s safe for old plumbing, the environment, and your household. It also costs just $13, which is about as much as a single bottle of drain cleaner and hundreds less than a visit from the plumber.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers loved the TubShroom, giving this drain strainer an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Customers who once had to unclog their drains on a bi-monthly basis said this gadget prevented clogs for over a year. Several reviewers mentioned their household contained multiple people with long shedding hair, and this drain protector was the only thing that kept their pipes in top condition. Reviewers also liked how easy it was to clean compared to disgusting drain snakes.


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