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Charlotte car maintenance tips: How to wax your car like a pro

Charlotte car maintenance tips: How to wax your car like a pro

When it comes to car maintenance, there’s so much to remember inside the car and under the hood that it’s easy to overlook the importance of protecting the exterior. However, Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help! We know from experience how essential it is to protect your car’s paint with a good coat of wax, and we’re here to explain how to wax your car like a pro so you can keep the paint looking like-new for years to come. Check out our car maintenance guide for waxing below!

Learn how to wax your car like a professional

Waxing doesn’t have to be a complex or difficult process, but there are certain steps you should take to proficiently complete this car maintenance process. Here are the six big ones our Charlotte car maintenancetechs recommend following.

Step 1: Choose the right wax – you don’t want to pick something cheap, as it won’t do a good job protecting your car’s paint. But you don’t need to bust the bank, either – you can choose a middle-of-the-road wax to get the job done. Let our Charlotte auto parts store techs help you choose one!

Step 2: Wash your car before you wax to remove any dirt or debris from the surface. Make sure you thoroughly rinse and dry it before you start applying wax. Any dirt or debris left on the car can actually scratch it while you wax, and leftover soap will interfere with the wax doing its job.

Step 3: Choose a shady spot to wax in. Waxing your car in direct sunlight will NOT have good results – you’ll have a hard time getting the wax dry enough to buff. Perform this car maintenance in a covered area or at least shoot for late evening or early morning when you’re not in direct sunlight.

Step 4: Use the right materials to apply wax. The wax you buy SHOULD come with a small microfiber pad. Use the pad to apply a dime-sized amount of wax to the car in small circular motions.

Step 5: Don’t wax anything but the paint. You should avoid applying wax to any plastic or rubber parts of your car, as it can ruin them.

Step 6: Let the wax dry before you buff it into the paint. It should get a matte or almost chalky look to it, and this is a sure sign that it’s dried properly. Use a microfiber cloth to buff it into the paint using the same small circular motions that you used to apply it.

Shop Toyota of N Charlotte for car maintenance supplies

Want more tips for this particular type of car maintenance or need to shop for the right supplies? Toyota of N Charlotte can help! Our parts store is fully stocked with everything you need and our parts specialists are here to give you all the info you need. Stop by Toyota of N Charlotte today at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23.


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