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Concealed Carry with Fashion and Style

When you’re a woman with a gun for self-protection, you may want concealed carry accessories that help you maintain your stylish look and fashionable approach to clothing. There are a number of great options that can keep you looking great while you concealed carry. Here are some tips to dress for style and safety at the same time.

Add An Accessory and Dress in Layers

You don’t have to give up your favorite styles or dress in boxy, baggy clothes to keep your firearm concealed. On the contrary, there are a wide range of leggings, running shorts, tank tops and other body conscious items with special pockets designed to accommodate your gun. For some extra cover as you go about your day, adding a simple vest or a shirt can draw eyes away from the firearm while keeping your figure-flattering look in place. By adding a simple vest or cardigan, you can concealed carry successfully behind the hip or at the appendix.

Stylish Patterns Draw the Eye

Bright patterns, stripes and prints can help to draw the eye away from the area where you concealed carry. You can opt for a flowy blouse or a fitted shirt; in either case, the patterned fabric helps to distribute light and conceal the presence of your firearm. These types of prints can also make bulges less visible and can accompany simple options in womens gun apparel like fitted tanks, tees and pants.

Go For a Well-Designed Carrying Purse

The purse can be a great location to concealed carry. You don’t have to rely on tucking your gun within a traditional bag. Instead, you can opt for concealed carry purses that are specially designed to accommodate your firearm and keep it conveniently accessible at all times. Choose from crossbody bags or traditional leather purses for a stylish look that keeps your firearm close at hand.

Concealed carry doesn’t have to mean concealing your style and taste in fashion. There are many great options for women that can help you protect yourself and be prepared while dressing for your figure and your taste.

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