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Creepy ‘Momo’ Suicide Game Invades ‘GTA V’

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The Internet is full of nonsensical challenges and stories gone horribly wrong, such is the case with the “Momo Suicide Challenge” that began its roots on the WhatsApp platform. This harmful challenge has infilitrated several games, the latest being Grand Theft Auto Online.

Unlike other instances where this challenge appeared, this one seems to be limited to simply an avatar icon of “Momo” in the game. The mod in question doesn’t seem to target anyone specifically, nor does it prompt any action as it has with previous mods in other games and social media boards.

Whether that will change or not remains to be seen, but previous companies were quick to put a stop to the inclusion in their games once learning the origins – No word yet as to whether or not Rockstar is aware of the latest mod, or if they’d even care.

For those that may not know what the Momo Suicide Game even is, it’s a challenge that originated on WhatsApp that allegedly began in Japan. A YouTuber even recently made a video about the game warning people of how it preys on the “weak” following a 12 year old’s suicidethat was thought to be linked to the internet challenge.

The challenge eventually went viral and encouraged participants to hurt themselves physically, sometimes even taunting suicide. If participants refused the challenges, the ‘game’ would then send graphic images – as well as threats – until compliance occurs. While the investigation of the 12-year old Argentina girl’s tragic death is still ongoing, many companies are taking the necessary steps to keep this toxicity out of their game.

“WhatsApp cares deeply about the safety of our users,” a WhatsApp spokesperson told Fox Newsearlier this year. “It’s easy to block any phone number and we encourage users to report problematic messages to us so we can take action.”What do you think about the latest spread of this challenge? Do you agree with the police that it could be linked to a much larger concern, especially for younger gamers? Share your thoughts on the latest development in the comment section below.

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