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DC Design sedans: From Honda City to Hindustan Ambassador, and a Rolls to boot!

DC Designs is quite popular for their head-turning designs on the regular cars. Most of the people have mixed comments about the DC Design cars. The mod house has worked on the different genre of vehicles including hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. We bring you the popular sedan-based mod jobs that they have done.

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb notchback is one of the most beautiful cars on the Indian roads. Here is a DC-fied example of the Superb that does not resemble the stock car at all. It gets a complete body kit that makes it bulgy. The headlamps are inspired by the Cadillac ATS. The rear has been modified to resemble a coupe-like design now. The car also loses two doors and is now adorned with a striking red colour that grabs a lot of attention.

Honda City

The Honda City design philosophy is all about being subtle and classy. However, this body kit from DC completely changes its character. The car gets modified bumper, a body moulding with red plastic grille and rear diffuser. There is also a faux scoop on the bonnet. The only stock part in the vehicle are the alloy wheels.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit III

DC Designs has even worked on a Rolls Royce. This car from the yesteryears has been given a modern look. The car now gets new body panels and Lamborghini-styled doors. The rear gets a coupe styling making this Rolls Royce quite unique.

Hyundai Elantra

This is an older generation Elantra that has been modified by the people at DC to make it more aggressive. The car gets a combination of matte grey wrap job with red highlights. It also gets a new front grille and a rear bumper finished in red colour. The modified Elantra now rides on a set of new alloy wheels that look quite good. The interiors have been modified too.

Honda Accord

The older generation Honda Accord has always been linked to class. The good-looking sedan was termed as a gentlemen’s car in its time. DC transformed the car into a low slung sports car with scissor doors! That’s not all. There are fake side air vents as well. At the rear, the car gets a huge spoiler. The flat rear gets the signature exhaust system of DC that comes out of the body of the car.

Ford Ikon

The Ford Ikon gets a timeless design with a mix of flowing body lines and sharp creases. This Ikon has been converted to a two-seater convertible sports car by DC. Known as the Ikoncept, the car gets bright yellow paint scheme that makes it very noticeable. It also retains the original Ford logo.

Mitsubishi Lancer

This Mitsubishi Lancer based modification job was done in 2003. Known as the Gaia, it takes a lot of inspiration from the Bugatti and Bentley of its time. The final form of the vehicle gets 22-inch wheels and a short and sharp window line that gives it a sporty and low slung appearance. The interiors have been reworked with leather.

Hindustan Ambassador

DC pulled off the covers from India’s iconic Ambassador based work called the Amberoid in 2008. The model was a mix of modernity in the shape of classic Ambassador. The sedan was powered by a V12 engine and it had space only for three occupants. The car also had gull-wing doors and ambient lighting in those days.

Daewoo Cielo

The mod job completely transforms the Cielo to a crossover-ish vehicle that DC has named as the Vampire. The Vampire looks wicked and is inspired by the Plymouth Prowler and the Corvette styled tail lamps and the sides. It also gets exposed front wheels to add a brutish look.

Maruti Suzuki Esteem

The Maruti Suzuki Esteem looks very proportionate and classy in its stock form. The peeps at DC Design have converted the good-looking sedan into a two-door convertible, which is now known as DC Arka. It now has no resemblance to the Maruti Suzuki Esteem and looks very different.


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