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Defrost car windscreen – Top tips to stop you landing a £60 fine

How to defrost windscreen

Britain is expecting snow this weekend as a ‘mini beast from the east’ is expected to blanket large parts of the country.

BBC News weather forecaster Lucy Martin said: “The mini beast from the east is arriving just in time to turn things bitterly cold for the weekend and bring the risk of some snow.”

Severe weather warnings for snow and ice this weekend have been issued by the Met office and several inches are expected to settle in the worst-hit regions.

Motorists are being warned to take extra care when driving on the roads and make sure they allow extra time to properly clear and prepare their car before setting off to avoid a fine.

Failing to remove all the snow from your roof can land you a £60 fine.

Also if you fail to properly clear all the ice off your windscreen, side mirrors and windows the police can also fine you £60.

To make sure you can defrost your car’s windscreen quickly, completely and safely here are our top tips:

Preparation – Taking action the night before

If you know bad weather is going to hit a great way to prevent your car windscreen from freezing over is by using an all weather windscreen shield.

These can be bought for under £10 are simple to apply and can save you valuable time in the morning.

De-icer and scraper

Using de-icer and scraper is a cheap option, so is worth keeping some handy in your car at all times.

The de-icer will defrost the ice and when used in conjunction with a scraper you can remove the ice with a bit of elbow grease.

The AA advise: “While you use a scraper and de-icer on the outside of your car, starting the engine, switching on heated rear screen and mirrors and allowing air-conditioned air to circulate to gently warm the glass is the most effective way to clear frosted glass.”

Using de-icer and scrapeGETTY

Using de-icer and scraper is a cheap option, so is worth keeping some handy in your car at all times

If you have your car engine running make sure you are with your vehicle at all times. If you leave your car unattended and it is stolen your car insurance premium could be invalidated.

Simon McCulloch, director at, told “A running car with the keys in the ignition is a thief’s dream.

“Early rising drivers need to have their wits about them in the morning and not be fooled into thinking a frosty start is safer than any other time of the day.

“Despite the cold temperatures, it’s always best to remain with your vehicle, as if it’s stolen whilst it running and is unlocked and unattended, it will almost certainly result in the claim being refused by your insurer.

“Furthermore, it is actually an offence under the Road Traffic Act to leave a vehicle idling whilst stationary, and could result in a fine.”

Using a solution

Meteorologist Ken Weathers advises using a solution consisting of rubbing alcohol and water.

Mr Weathers says the solution consists of mixing a third of a cup of water with two thirds of a cup of rubbing alcohol.

When you have created the solution it can then be put into a spray bottle to make the application easier.

Use warm water, but not too hot and never boiled

Never use just-boiled water to clear the windscreen.

Boiled water applied to a windscreen can crack the glass, it freezes quickly and could ice your wipers to the windscreen.

If you don’t have any de-icer or rubbing alcohol to hand warm water can be used to help speed up the process saving you time, just be careful the water is not too hot.


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