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Defrost your windscreen – Five incredible tips to save time and money

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Temperatures are expected to drop over the next 24 hours, the Met Office is warning.

Forecasters have suggested that there is ‘likely’ to be ‘significant’ snowfall over the next week across England.

The cold weather that is expected to hit Britain over the next few days looks set to be caused by a Sudden Stratospheric Warning (SSW) of the Arctic atmosphere.

These bitterly cold temperatures could cause problems for drivers as ice and snow can be a nightmare to deal with while on the roads.

One of the biggest issues drivers face is defrosting their windscreen and clearing their car from snow and ice.

Snow and ice present on a car can carry a number of fines if it is not cleared correctly.

Drivers that fail to completely remove the ice and frost from their windscreen can be fined £60 for ‘porthole vision’ – which refers to the restricted field of view left by the ice.

Similarly a driver that leaves their engine to idle on a public road while defrosting their car could be penalised £20.

If a motorist fails to completely remove loose snow from the roof of their car they could also be fined £60.

Motorists also need to be careful about how they are defrosting their car because leaving it unattended with the engine running, not only puts it at risk from theft, but could also see their car insurance be invalidated.

Here are the top five ways you can defrost your car’s windscreen to save time and money:

1. De-icer and scraper

De-icer will slowly defrost the ice on your windscreen and is a cheap product to buy, that is worth having in your car at all times.

Use in conjunction with a scraper and you should be able to shift the ice in no time.

2. Solution

Meteorologist Ken Weather devised a solution using rubbing alcohol and water that is said to be an instant and effective remover of ice.

Mr Weathers says to make the solution you need to mix 1/3 cup of water with 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol.

3. Four step method

An ex-NASA engineers Mark Rober uploaded a video to YouTube which allows drivers to defog their windows “twice as fast using the power of science.”

This is the four step plan:

Step one: Turn your heater on full blast – Hot air can hold more moisture

Step two: Turn air conditioning on – This pulls moisture out of the air

Step three: Turn inside circulation off – winter air doesn’t have much absorption

Step four: Wind the windows down slightly – This will exchange humid air inside for dry air outside.


Drivers can use a number of methods to quickly shift the ice from their windscreen

If you don’t have any deicer or rubbing alcohol to hand you could use warm water to help speed up the thawing process.

However, make sure the water isn’t too hot or boiling as it could cause the glass to crack or break.

5. Prevent it the night before

One of the best ways to stop your car’s windscreen from freezing over is preparing for it the night before.

All weather windscreens can be purchased for less than £10 and protects your car’s windscreen from freezing in the winter and defects rays in the summertime.

These covers are simple to apply and can save you time in the morning.


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