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Easing Fears Through Trenchless Sewer Repair

Some people dread flying, tax time, or infomercials. Others fear excessive damage from a broken water or sewer pipe. In the end, the latter may be more of a concern than a late-night infomercial.

The Consequences

When a line breaks inside or around your property, damage takes place during and after the event. During the event, anything not protected will get wet or/and coated with sewage. After the event, there’s a good chance much of that material will need to be thrown out. In addition, there’s the cost to dry and clean the areas to prevent mold and other bacteria from growing.

The Repair

Of course, you have to contend with line repairs. And this could be the location for the biggest fears. You’ve seen other lines fixed by companies who tore up driveways and yards to replace a small piece of pipe. It disrupts daily activities and bank accounts. Or, it did at one time.

The World of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Thanks to technology advancements from companies across the globe, Hurco Technologies as an example, there is no longer a need for these major costs. Instead, numerous repair organizations utilize trenchless sewer repair for fast, low-cost corrections.

How it’s done is through a mixture of past and present practices. First, liquid smoke is forced through the sewer pipes. Where the smoke appears, be it a sewer grate or manhole, is where the leak is located.

Once pinpointed, one of two steps take place. If the pipe can be repaired it’s coated with a quick-hardening sealant. If it needs to be replaced, a new pipe is slid into the damaged one. This causes the old segment to crack and leave the new one in place.

Overall, this eases the customers’ fears about the costs of the repair and replacement of dug up areas. In turn, they are not only able to focus on replacing what was lost but they can also feel secure the sewer pipes will remain intact for a long period of time.

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