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Essential tech tips every traveler should know

Whether you are a leisure or a business traveller, you cannot downplay the role of technology in your travels. From using GPS to navigating unfamiliar destinations to checking apps for the best local restaurants and taking photos on multiple devices to document your travels, tech is important in almost every aspect of travel. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares, some top tech tips you should know whenever you travel.


Break language barriers

Download popular translation apps such as iTranslate, Google Translate and TripLingo to help you communicate more easily with locals when you visit countries you do not speak the language.

Share itinerary with friends and family members

Share your itinerary with any family members or friends who may be anticipating your arrival. Itinerary sharing quickly notifies your contacts about the status of your trip and provides immediate alerts regarding unexpected changes or delay.

Entertain yourself

Download your preferred music, movies and books on your smartphone and don’t forget your headphones. With these, you can entertain yourself whether it is a long haul flight or not.

Share travel photos on social media

With the existence of social media, you can easily share your pictures at the click of a button as long as you have an internet connection. Hence, there is no need to arrive your destination before you start sharing photos and experiences.

Allow push notifications

Push notifications deliver real-time updates and alerts about any flight, hotel or package deals to your phone. You simply need to have the app of the OTA on your phone to receive these notifications.

Bundle booking

When booking a trip on an online travel agency, book your flight and hotel at the exact same time. You will definitely save hundreds of naira by booking them together. However, if you book them differently, you will clearly be paying more.

Take pictures of your travel documents

Take a photo of all your travel documents and save it to your email or your drive for easy access. Also, make sure you never leave home without your phone just in case your documents go missen.


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