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Experts urge drivers to check car batteries during deep freeze

Story image for Cars Tips from News 12 ConnecticutExperts say it is important to know how to properly take care of your car in winter weather, especially when bitter-cold temperatures stick around for a few days.

With temperatures well below freezing, Kevin Bruneau at Bruneau’s Garage in Milford says his business has been booming. He says much of the trouble comes from dead batteries.

“With it being so much colder, it takes a lot more power to start that engine and kick it over,” hey says.

Workers at his shop have been changing at least a dozen batteries a day, and his call volume has spiked from 50 to 70 a day, he says.

“Every oil change, I would bring it to a reputable shop and get your battery tested,” he says. “And get it changed before it’s dead in your driveway.”

Experts say that batteries typically last five to six years in this region.

The temperature is expected to be in the low-20s through the holiday weekend.


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