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Flip Flop Minds With Women in Technology

women in tech

Every year is big for lots of reasons. Why do we say that? We are currently monitoring a variety of advancements in science, tech, entertainment, and politics. Amazingly, women have played a significant part in all those streams. For instance, in politics, we can clearly witness the rise of female candidates and their variable participation in various segments. The main intent is to make every voice heard among the targeted audience. As per the facts, women have outvoted men in most of the constituencies. Subsequently, in most countries, women have got the right to vote for their desired leaders.  Since then our societies are continuously evolving towards the marks of equality. Still, we can’t find impressions of the gender gap. Clearly, we can find women in technology nowhere in the future. Especially, the minorities and LGBTQ community are struggling for advancement and quality of life.

They are the ones who are underscored, underrated, underpaid in the workplace. One of the most prominent industries where gender disparity is simplest to spot is the tech industry. This report is an attempt to understand the women’s background in the tech industry both as individuals and as organizations.

Rethinking Women in Tech – Bridging the Gender Gap

women in tech

Women are majorly rising in the IT industry and with that, the discriminants are also crossing the limits. Yes, this is why we are asking you to rethink women in technology and IT workplaces. However, giants like Dell, Intel, Cisco, KKR, Netflix, Deloitte, and Patagonia are constantly working their best to improve the condition of the women workforce in the tech space.

So glad that you took out some time to focus on the prime subject of the year, women in tech. Yes, we have multiple ways to rethink women in technology. Some of them have been discussed below.

1. Raising Voices

One of the key components of amplifying women’s role in technological space is to provide them a sustainable platform where they can speak out about what they feel and what they want to be. In that, it’s essential to raise and support each other’s voices. Acknowledgment should be passed from one to the next and that is how it will work. Start with adding women who are actively looking for participation and contribution to technology.

2. Follow Power

Social media are not just to see cute puppy faces but to follow empowering people. Talking specifically about women, you need to follow and connect with strong women who are making changes to the way how technology is perceived and absorbed. Step ahead to flood your timeline with feeds from unique women who are expressing their interests and experience in their own way.

3. Read Theory

We can’t just rely on what we feel and experience about women in technology. Therefore, it becomes important to educate yourself by reading women’s voices on the published page. Take out your library card, pursue Amazon’s virtual stacks, or simply consult your local bookstore for literature that channels women and gives you top opportunities to be part of the needed change in tech culture. Speedily, catch up to the great list of must-read books for women in tech to get started.

4. Drain Dialogues

When women interfere and interact more in tech-related conversations then they go through backlashes with lots of bad opinions. Consequently, they are arched and deviated towards the wrong path. In such a situation, it’s important to keep the stereotypes aside and remark on the best things to present oneself in technology. The constant thrust of negative thought and conspiracies bring a gender-biased environment at workplaces.

5. Funding Businesses

Are you all set to bring tides in tech? Invest your money where you find the right pull of words. It has been evaluated earlier that female-fronted companies are doing good and progressing in all aspects. In fact, few companies in Fortune 500 having female directors have witnessed an immense increase in ROI. So, by funding women campaigns, you have the likely possibility to get more success. So, what’s the deal then?


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