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Game of Thrones’ Comic-Con trailer teases the show’s most long-awaited alliance

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“Every possible series of events is happening all at once,” Littlefinger tells Sansa Stark in the newly released trailer for the rest of Game of Thrones season seven, which HBO unveiled at a Friday-evening Comic-Con panel after it was leaked online earlier in the day.

He could have just as well been talking about the trailer itself, a “weeks ahead preview” that races through the show’s various groups of characters to show us alliances and armies coming together throughout Westeros in the coming season, as Daenerys makes her play for the throne and the North tries to defend itself against the Night King and his ice zombie horde. 

Among the most notable moments in the trailer:

  • Jon Snow openly discusses teaming up with Daenerys in order to make use of her dragons to battle the Night King. Later, Melisandre, whom eagle-eyed fans had realized was already at Dragonstone when Dany arrived there on last week’s episode, tells Dany that she believes Dany “has a role to play — as does another.”

This is a fateful moment for the show, since it indicates that Melisandre will help bring Jon Snow and Daenerys together for what will undoubtedly be Game of Thrones’ most significant partnership. (While she undoubtedly believes Jon is the fabled “prince that was promised,” a recent fan theory has posited that she could be wrong, thanks to the Hound’s powerful redemption arc.) This is the alliance fans have been waiting for since Season 1 — or 1996, if you were following the fantasy novel series first.

  • Randyll Tarly, the father of Samwell — who we know loathes Wildlings and probably hates Jon Snow in the bargain thanks to his latest disastrous reunion with Sam — turns up for a visit with Cersei in the Iron Throne Room. He’s a powerful ally — but as we know, he’s lately down one Valyrian sword.
  • We get a glimpse of Jorah Mormont in Oldtown. We heard him briefly on the last episode, but it’s good to see him in the flesh and know he’s not been totally taken over by greyscale.
  • We see Euron Greyjoy making himself at home in King’s Landing. Looks like his bid to win Cersei’s hand in marriage is going well — so far.
  • Several battle scenes occur, one of them featuring the Unsullied scaling the walls of a castle — possibly Casterly Rock. Meanwhile, Cersei is rallying her armies to stave off “the mad king’s daughter.”
  • Lyanna Mormont announces, “Winter is here, your grace” — which we already knew, but let’s face it, you’re excited to see Lyanna say pretty much anything.
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