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Google Assistant latest update improves ability to recognise voices

Google Assistant’s new features will be available to users in the coming weeks.

Google is making it easier for Assistant to understand the user’s voice by improving its ‘Voice Match’ feature. Google is also adding a new feature which lets users adjust the Assistant’s sensitivity to the hotword “Hey Google”.

Google Assistant’s ‘Voice Match’ lets users teach Assistant to recognise their voice. This is useful for houses with many members using Google Assistant on smart speakers. Using Voice Match, users can get personalised features like calendar reminders and favourite playlists. Voice Match supports up to six people on a single Google Assistant device.

Voice Match is getting an update as it will now prompt users to say full phrases and not just Hey Google. During the Voice Match set up, users will be asked to say phrases like “Hey Google, play my workout playlist”. This will make Assistant identify different voices better.

The other update coming to Google Assistant is the ability to adjust its sensitivity to Hey Google. Users will be able to adjust how Assistant responds to Hey Google by choosing to let it respond more or less. With multiple devices lying around, Assistant can wake up to the hotword Hey Google quite easily. The new feature should help reduce the accidental Assistant responses.

This feature will be available to users in the coming weeks, and can be adjusted through the Google Home app. Users can customise it for different smart speakers and smart displays and as many times as they want. This Assistant feature will be available first in English. Google plans to add more languages soon.

source: hindustantimes

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