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GTA 5 Motor Wars Guide – Tips and Tricks, Smuggler’s Run DLC, Vehicles Guide

The Battle Royale craze appears to have spread to Grand Theft Auto 5, as Rockstar recently unveiled the Motor Wars mode for the online portion of the game, which challenges up to four teams to work against each other to be the last one standing in the warzone. 

In this GTA 5 Motor Wars guide, we’ll be going over the best methods and tactics to employ when heading into your first few games of Motor Wars. There are a number of vehicles and weapons to find and utilise across the map of San Andreas, and you’ll also have to deal with a map which is constantly shrinking, pushing you all together into one big firefight. 

GTA 5 Motor Wars Guide

Firstly, we’ll run over the rules of the Motor Wars Adversary Mode. At the start of the game, each time jumps out a helicopter, parachuting down to land somewhere on the ground below. Once you’ve landed, you’ll have to scavenge whatever weapons and vehicles you can in order to defend yourself, but the map is also constantly shrinking. 

The white circle at the top of the screen denotes the time you have left until the map shrinks again. Once this clock has just 10 seconds to go, you’ll hear a ticking noise, which is effectively your warning that the map is about to shrink. You’ll have to use your mini-map to stay well within the confides of the safe area, as if you’re caught outside of it, you’ll be given a countdown timer that kills you once expired. 

Aside from this, the rules of GTA V’s Motor Wars are fairly straightforward: your team has to have merely one players standing at the end of the game to be victorious, so it’s effectively a game of who can outlast everyone else in the map. 

GTA 5 Motor Wars Tips and Tricks

As you can probably imagine from the title of GTA 5’s Motor Wars mode, it’s the team that possesses the most powerful vehicles that often wins. The vehicles in Motor Wars are Mad Max-like – they’ve all been modified to have turrets and rockets attached to them, as well as having makeshift armor on the sides of your standard cars. 


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It’s therefore important to parachute to a pretty dense area of the map at the beginning of Motor Wars, as it’s mostly nearby houses where you’ll find the better, more powerful vehicles. You can actually use the mini-map to spot the locations of both vehicles and weapons, and we’d strongly advise that you go for the most intimidating looking vehicle as soon as possible, using the mini-map to guide you. 

If an enemy team player is in a vehicle, they’ll show up on your mini-map as a colored vehicle, matching the color of their team. Although this means that anyone in a vehicle effectively has a target painted on their back, it also means that you’re harder to detect when you’re out of a vehicle. Use this strategy as you see fit, for example you could hop out of your vehicle and make a run for it if you see an enemy player in a powerful vehicle heading straight for you. 

Motor Wars is part of the larger Smuggler’s Run expansion for GTA Online.

We’ve got a further list of Motor Wars tips and tricks for you just below: 

  • The faster you make it down to the ground, the better. You’ll make it to the ground quicker if you don’t open your parachute until as late as you can.
  • Remember, vehicles can have multiple weapon attachments, so it’s worth cycling through your weapons to see what you’ve got at your disposal.
  • If you’ve got a vehicle with a turret, try to link up with one of your fellow teammates, otherwise the turret is practically useless. 
  • If you’d rather journey on foot, head straight for one of the weapon icons on the map, as these are the only weapons you’ve got to play with while you’re on foot against players in vehicles.
  • Strength in numbers! While you don’t neccessarily have to meet up with your teammates, you stand a far better chance of survival if you’re with another player.

Make sure to check back on this GTA 5 Motor Wars guide page, as we’ll be updating it with additional tips and strategies whenever we come across them in the brand new Battle Royale mode.


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