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Here’s how you can save a fortune when buying your new car — plus how to get a free fiver from Sun Savers

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They include stricter checks for reversing lights, brake pads, tyres and bumpers, while diesel cars will come under scrutiny for emissions.

You could even be saying goodbye to your motor if you find bills for repairs getting too much.

Sun Savers bargain hunter and car enthusiast LEANNE MERRILL, from Hitchin, Herts, has saved more than £25,000 when buying cars over the years. Here are her tips.

  1. Buy demo cars. Don’t be afraid of them! Demo cars have low mileage, are well looked-after and can be as much as 20 per cent cheaper.
    I saved more than £10,000 buying my last nearly-new BMW this way and £8,000 on the Beamer before that.
  2. Go interest-free. Make sure you get an interest-free finance deal, as it will save you paying sky-high APR rates.Alternatively, ask the dealer what their best interest rate is, then go to your bank to compare. A bank loan can sometimes work out cheaper. I got a car loan for my first car, a Renault Clio, which was very low-interest and cheaper than finance from the dealership.
  3. Be patient. Buy just before or just after the plates change, as targets are high and deals are likely to be layered by the manufacturer and the dealer group. Double discounts could save you up to £1,000. Or wait until a new model is released as dealers will be looking to get rid of old stock.
  4. Know your price. Tell the dealer what you are prepared to put down as a deposit on the day. That is a sure way to get them to your preferred price, even if sometimes it could mean sacrificing a few extras. Look at new cars as well as used, as finance deals can work out cheaper each month.
  5. Ask for freebies. See what dealers will throw in for free. You can sometimes get free mats or a tank of fuel worth up to £120 just by asking. There is no harm in asking nicely. And if it is a special occasion, they might even throw in champagne or flowers when you collect your car.
  6. Haggle. Whether buying from a dealer or a private seller, don’t be afraid to haggle. Start off with a cheeky offer 40 per cent lower than the asking price. Often, you will meet in the middle.This is always easier when you have done your homework and can quote prices of similar vehicles. I have saved around £7,000 buying three cars, thanks to haggling.


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