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Hot weather tips to keep kids safe, car running

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Summer has officially started and that means heat waves will stick around SoCal for the next several months. So how can you and your family keep cool, especially in hot cars? AAA has some tips.

To show just how quickly it can get hot inside a car, Doug Shupe with AAA placed a thermometer inside a car. The vehicle was a cool 72 degrees when the test started, but in less than 20 minutes it reached 90 degrees.

A few minutes after it hit 90 degrees, it began hitting the triple digits.

The test was done to show the dangers of leaving a child or pet inside the car on days when it’s hot. But here are some tips on how to prevent a tragedy.

  • Leave a child’s toy in the front dashboard where you can see it
  • Leave something you’ll need at your next stop, such as a cellphone or brief case, in the backseat with your child
  • Take off the shoe you’re not driving with and leave it in the backseat near your child

Keeping your car running can also be a challenge on a scorching day. The vehicle is working hard to keep you cool and get you to where you need to be. Here are some tips to prevent a breakdown.

  • Make sure the batteries are clamped down securely
  • Check to make sure there is no corrosion around the terminals
  • Make sure your coolant and oil are topped off

AAA also recommends having a safety kit in your vehicle that has the basics: jumper cables, a flashlight and some simple tools. There should also be plenty of water bottles on hand in case the car does break down and you need to stay hydrated until help arrives.


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