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How Audiovisual Services Can Elevate Your Meetings

Whether your event space is an executive briefing center or a customer experience center, high-quality audiovisuals are a key part of the space’s ability to make connections and showcase your brand value. However, the cost of meeting AVs is rising, and planners are searching for ways to cut costs.


Music is a powerful tool that can ignite creativity and collaboration in meetings. It can also provide a jolt of energy when participants’ enthusiasm is beginning to wane.

But a great AV experience requires more than just good speakers and an effective sound system. Audiovisual integration experts can help ensure crystal-clear sound by modeling the room’s acoustics and pairing it with the right AV technology. Using an AV integration solution with a noise masking system in high-traffic areas like conference rooms can reduce distractions and allow team members to focus. It can create a quieter atmosphere for virtual or hybrid meetings with remote participants.

A conference room setup Stamford CT with advanced audio features can make an even bigger difference. Its headsets have forward-facing speakers to better direct sound to the audience and reduce background noise. Plus, it can deliver HD video and digital whiteboarding for a seamless collaborative experience.


Participants can see one another with video, making them more engaged than audio calls. This is critical for businesses with remote workers or teams of professionals that travel often.

Meeting conferencing encourages less chit-chat and keeps everyone alert and focused on the call’s agenda. This leads to more discussion and collaboration as people can quickly get the help they need. And video calls can easily be recorded for later reference, which is a great feature for those who can’t attend in-person meetings.

Today’s super crisp monitors, and video conferencing solutions ensure that presentation and meeting footage look their best, regardless of screen size or meeting room. Innovative AV solutions can even eliminate distracting ambient noises with a sound masking solution that plays background music through speakers installed in the ceiling so that participants can have a more productive meeting experience.


While audiences can forgive projection or video glitches, they will remember bad lighting. That’s because AV is about speaking to the senses, including the sense of sight. When selecting a light for your meeting room, avoid bright rear lights, as these can create shadows or blow out the background behind you. Instead, opt for a diffused light, such as one with a stand or a ceiling-mounted fixture that eliminates glare and is easy to control. A good AV partner will also use sound masking to reduce ambient noise. This helps participants focus on the meeting and eliminates distracting sounds such as barking dogs or ringing phones. In addition, it can help prevent sound from leaking into adjacent rooms, and it works well in modern meeting spaces with glass walls.


Meeting technology has grown tremendously recently, and meeting professionals now have more tools. New collaboration technologies are being released regularly, and audiences have become accustomed to the high-tech tools on their smartphones. Many devices combine multiple aspects of meeting collaboration, such as a large slim-profile touch screen that offers whiteboard and video conferencing capabilities in a single solution. Others offer interactive experiences such as Twitter voting contests, audience participation apps, digital fishbowls, polls, and speaker Q&A to turn attendees into active participants in the meeting.

Meeting tech vendors also address inclusivity and collaboration equity challenges for remote attendees who participate in hybrid meetings (videoconferences that include in-person team members). For example, some display systems automatically digitize handwritten sticky notes that people write on their physical whiteboards during a videoconference, eliminating the frustration of seeing one person’s hand blocking what everyone else can see.

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