How To Start Playing Rummy on Online Gaming Apps?

The Indian Rummy card game remains one of the most popular card games of our times. It is the first choice during a social gathering and people from different regions enjoy the game in different ways. It is not surprising that the Indian Rummy card games have made it to different online gaming platforms. It is now possible to enjoy your favourite card game online. If you have still not tried online rummy gaming, you can start now. Here we have explained how you can start your journey on the online rummy gaming platforms. Check it out:

Select a Trusted Online Rummy Gaming Platform

There are several apps online that allow you to enjoy online rummy gaming. It is important that you choose wisely. Look for a trusted online rummy gaming platform like Khelplay Rummy. This is an app that is legally authorised to allow online rummy gaming. The platform is a convenient place to explore rummy gaming online. The Khelplay Rummy app has also taken all measures to ensure safety and security to its users. It is also completely legal to play cash rummy card games on the Khelplay Rummy app. When the minimum threshold of earnings is crossed, a TDS is also deducted from the total amount.

Understand the Rummy Terminology Used

Unless you understand the rummy terminology used in the card games, you cannot play it well. The basic rummy terminology used on Khelplay Rummy is as listed below:

Picture Card: The cards that have pictures on them and are used for rummy card games are referred to as picture cards. The picture cards in rummy are A, Q, K and J of all signs. The points charged for picture cards is 10 points each.

Number Card: The cards that have numbers on them are referred to as number cards in rummy card games. The cards from 2 to 10 in spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs are number cards. Their values are decided by the numbers on them.

Dealer: In offline rummy card games, the player who distributes the cards is referred to as the dealer. In online rummy card games, the dealer is automated system.

Open Card: The topmost card on the deck is left open by the dealer. It is called the open card. The first player can either lift that card or the next card on the deck.

Disposed Pile: During their turn, the players pick a card and instead dispose a card in their hand. The pile formed by cards disposed by each player is referred to as the disposed pile. Each player can either pick the topmost card on the deck or the topmost card on the disposed pile.

Sequence: The arrangement of cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values is called sequence. There are different types of sequences in rummy. Sequences maybe completed with or without the use of jokers.

Meld: The arrangement of cards of different signs but of the same value is referred to as a meld. For example, A of spades, hearts and diamonds together form a meld.

Life: The minimum arrangement of cards upto which maximum points are calculated for a player is referred to as life.

First Drop: When a player quits a game of rummy even before the first card is played, it is called first drop. The player is charged minimal points for first drop.

Second Drop: When the player quits the game of rummy anytime after the first move is played, it is referred to as second drop. The points charged in case of second drop are double the points charged for first drop.

False Call: When the player calls it rummy before he completes his hand, it is called a false call. The player is charged a penalty for the false call.

Full Hand: When the opponent completes rummy even before you complete your life, you have a full hand.

Practice A Few Rummy Game Sessions

Once you have understood all the rules of rummy card games, you can go ahead and practice a few sessions on the Khelplay Rummy gaming app. Choose practice rummy option and play a few rounds. This will help you understand all the rules you have learnt and get a better grasp on it.

Join the Platform for Serious Online Gaming

Once you understand all the rules and have full confidence on rummy gaming skills, you can go ahead and participate in some serious rummy gaming. Participate in cash games and rummy tournaments to make the best of your rummy skills.

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