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Ice safety tips as weather warms

Every year dozens of cars and trucks have to be retrieved from lakes and as we head into the warmer months, we have some life-saving tips from Conservation Warden Jason Roberts to help keep you safe.

Over the course of his career, Roberts has attended many rescues of vehicles and people.

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“Some of the most dangerous times for being out on the ice is when the ice first starts and when the ice starts to go out,” Roberts said.

He recommends getting familiar with the conditions of the ice before venturing out.

“The main idea is stop and talk to people that actually recreate on the lake like local fisherman, bait shops in the area they’re going to have a good handle on what the ice conditions are and maybe some areas that you should stay away from,” Roberts said.

If you find yourself or your vehicle breaking through the ice, the Warden encourages having ice picks, float jackets, and boat seats to use as floatation devices.

And if you plan on leaving your car or truck on the ice he says to take these precautions.

“Roll all your windows down, don’t wear seatbelts when you’re out on the ice, in fact if your vehicle does break through you need to exit the vehicle as soon as possible,” Roberts said.


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