Snowboarder Eva Samková rides Pepin.

Eva Samková, Olympic gold medallist in snowboard cross, riding Pepin

Maxim Habanec, skateboarder, goes two-wheeled.
Habanec is a world-ranked skateboarder.

Maxim Habanec, skateboarder

Martin Fuksa, canoeist, is also a keen cross-country skier.

Martin Fuksa, canoeist

Alex Choupenitch, a European medallist in foil fencing, tries his hand at table tennis.

Alex Choupenitch, foil fencer

Tomas Hertl, who plays in the NHL for San Jose Sharks, takes to the clay court.

Tomas Hertl, hockey player

BMX and fourcross rider Michal Prokop is glad of the light in the bunker.
Drone Lighting Project for Guardian sport.

Michal Prokop, BMX and fourcross rider

Michal Maroši, mountain biker.

Michal Maroši, mountain biker