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Intel’s new graphics drivers automatically optimize game settings

Intel is introducing a new feature for its processors with integrated graphics, allowing games to be automatically optimized on systems. The feature is similar to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, an application that’s designed to tweak game settings so they work best on a laptop or PC. Intel’s new graphics control software is particularly useful on laptops that aren’t really designed to run games, and it works on all Skylake or newer processors.

PC World reports that this new driver update includes support for Intel’s new Kaby Lake G chips that have AMD’s Radeon Vega graphics built in. Dell and HP are both launching laptops with these new processors, and they should be a lot better for gaming. Battlefield 1Battlefield 4American Truck SimulatorCall of Duty WWIIDestiny 2Dota 2Grand Theft Auto VLeague of LegendsOverwatch, and World of Tanks all work across any of the supported Intel systems, and more games can be automatically optimized on Iris Pro systems. You can download Intel’s latest graphics driver from the company’s website.


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