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Introducing Playable Preview Tool to validate playable assets

We are introducing the Playable Preview Tool, a new way to test and validate assets used in Playable Ads. With Playable Ads, potential customers can preview a mobile app before downloading it.

The Playable Preview Tool helps ensure your playable ad assets are free of errors by:

  • Checking if your file meets all specifications for Playable Ads.
  • Displaying errors, if there are any.
  • Displaying a preview of the asset, if the file meets all requirements.
  • Validating if your Click to Action is correctly implemented.

All testing can be done before you start creating an ad. You can test and preview your file even if you are not the one responsible for uploading it to Facebook. Currently, the tool only supports HTML files.

The Playable Preview Tool helps you develop high quality playable assets, and reduces the resources required in this process.


1) Inside, navigate to Tools.

2) Under Playable Preview, upload your HTML asset.

  • If there are errors, you see:

  • If the file meets all requirements, you see:

3) As you can see, your file meets all requirements, but there is still a warning regarding Call to Action. To test if this part of your ad is correctly implemented, click on your Call to Action button. If the button is successfully activated, you see:


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