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Jaguar Land Rover SVO division wants to build its own bespoke cars

Jaguar Land Rover SVO division wants to build its own bespoke cars

Following the reveal of the most potent Jaguar ever, the XE SV Project 8, Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division is keen on developing its own bespoke car, similar to what Mercedes-AMG has done with the AMG GT.

Currently, the SVO division specialises in creating pumped up variants of existing production models from the leaping cat’s portfolio, similar to how the AMG initiated with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. But looking at the success with the XE SV Project 8, and the F-Type Project 7 before it, the performance division doesn’t want to be limited to using existing products. “Deep down we want to make our own model,” says John Edwards, managing director of SVO, “Just look at the success of the [Mercedes] AMG GT.”

However, before foraying into building their own bespoke sports car to take on the AMG GT, Edward emphasises on the need to perfect their work with the ‘Project’ cars. What the next ‘project’ car will be is not divulged yet, although Edward confessed that the Jaguar F-Pace and upcoming Range Rover Velar SUVs have “great potential”. A test mule of the SVO treated Velar has been spotted testing already.

The British performance division can employ the hardware from the F-Type and add a new bespoke coach-built body with a lavish yet performance-oriented interior to beginwith. Given the fact that the XE SV Project 8 was churned out in a short period of 12months, the SVO has proven that they have got what it takes. Edward also praised the freedom his team of engineers were given to develop the Project 7 and Project 8 and hence, the team is looking forward to the next generation of products under their banner, and so are we.


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