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Job Tips for Recent College Graduates by U.S. News Money

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College graduation is a great time to plan for the future. Recent college graduates can ace the first year in the “real world” by following U.S. News’ Personal Finance Editor Susannah Snider’s 15 Financial Steps to Take Your First Year After Graduation:

1. Establish credit: Good credit is a helpful tool when it comes to financing a car, home or other major purchase. But a great credit score doesn’t magically materialize overnight. Get in the habit of paying your bills on time and spending well below your credit limit.

2. Learn to cook: You can eat well on a budget, even if you’re cooking just for yourself. Learning to make your own meals is key to eating healthfully while saving money.

3. Identify a financial goal: Working toward a financial goal is an important way to maintain good money behaviors, like saving and budgeting. Think of what will motivate you – a new car, nice vacation, better apartment – and use it to establish good financial behaviors.

4. Avoid financial peer pressure: While all of your friends may have worked with similar budgets when you were college students, they may have wildly different paychecks as first-year workers. Find inexpensive ways to hang out with your more well-to-do peers in order to socialize…without going broke.

“New graduates should understand that their first few years in the ‘real world’ can have a profound impact on their long-term financial health,” Snider said. “At U.S. News Money, we’re helping recent graduates understand how decisions they make today may impact their credit scores, student loan payments, earning potential and financial security for years to come.”

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