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How to Keep Pets Safe and Comfortable In the Car

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National Dog Day is Aug. 26,  and Autotrader and Adopt-A-Pet have actually created  a site called Dogtrader, where dog owners can find tips for traveling with pets.

No matter how long or short the duration of your car ride may be, it’s important to keep safety in mind for you and your pet. To help with this, Brian Moody of Autotrader is here to help out.

Brian: We thought not only would it be a good idea to share tips, but Dogtrader is a way that you can help reduce the population of pets in shelters. So it’s nice for dogs that already have a family, but maybe we want to help more find that, that’s what Dogtrader does.

Lauren: How would you describe some of the essentials in a car, for pets and road trips?

Brian: Well, there’s a couple of things we like. We think you should consider a car with leather seats if you’re going to get a new car. Cloth seats don’t really work well for people with pets because they’re hard to clean. You don’t need to get a cheap car, you can get a nice car. A Volvo is a good one. They do a lot of good accessories. Fold-down seats are another good option. Even if you want an inexpensive car, small SUV’s work the best. The Nissan Kicks has leather seats. We also like the Honda Fit, that’s a small car. Low to the ground is important because jumping in and out can hard on older dogs or small dogs. Suburu does an amazing job of offering accessories from their dealers or on their websites. You can have all sorts of adventures with your dog in a Suburu. Plus, they have dog fans and dog dishes, leashes, all kinds of stuff like that.

Lauren: No need to compromise on style or convenience.

Brian: You can go to and there’s a list of cars and accessories. Or you can go to to find dogs that need adopting in your area.


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