‘Kids, Don’t Take up Sports’: Jimmy Neesham’s Heartbreaking Message Post World Cup Defeat

Image result for 'Kids, Don't Take up Sports': Jimmy Neesham's Heartbreaking Message Post World Cup DefeatAnd so it was. England hoisted their maiden World Cup trophy after they defeated New Zealand at Lord’s in the most swash-buckling game of margins in the history of cricket.

It is true, that somehow England could celebrate victory – an astonishing one – yet, no sane cricket fan in ground or anywhere else could conclude that New Zealand deserved to lose.

The heartbreak for the Kiwis is unimaginable, losing despite the match and the super-over ending in a tie, is hardly a loss one can come in terms with. While, everyone has their ways of coping, all-rounder Jimmy Neesham, who literally had New Zealand’s World Cup fate in the palm of his hands when he came out to bat in the super over, has not tried concealing his sadness.

A crestfallen Neesham, known for the whiff of humour to his words, especially on Twitter, took to the microblogging website and asked children to not take up sports. He recommended baking, saying that it would allow kids to die at 60 “really fat and happy”.


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