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What Makes an Office Productive?

Organizations with a value for workplace harmony often spend time and money researching what makes an office environment flourish. Company culture and values aside, here are several of the key elements that make an office a productive and pleasant place to work.

A Blended Floor Plan

Cheerleaders for open-concept floor plans site their clean appearance, opportunities for creative collaboration and ability to fit more workers into a space. However, supporters of the more divided, cubicle layout value its propensity for better focus and concentration. Taking their differences into account, the best floor plan may actually exist somewhere in between. Having areas for both quiet, individual work as well as collaboration creates a balance that meets the needs of every employee.

Creative Break Stations

Activity and productivity go hand-in-hand. The most productive offices will have spaces where their employees can unwind and do something fun. Incorporating these kinds of spaces in an office requires knowing where to buy office furniture that is multi-functional, but the investment is always worth it. Whether it’s a standing desk, an in-office gym or simply a fun puzzle in the kitchen, getting people engaged in a different kind of activity, especially one that involves movement, is critical to boosting their productivity.

Bursts of Color

Nothing kills inspiration like a bland environment. In fact, offices where colors are used have seen significant increases in productivity. But not all colors are created equal. Blues, greens and yellows are the most effective at raising employee creativity levels, sustaining their focus for long hours and producing a calming effect even in high-pressure environments. Aside from painting, adding color by bringing in plants, switching up the office decor or bringing in bold furniture pieces are different ways that an office can accent an otherwise neutral color scheme.

It’s difficult to work in an uninspiring environment, but it’s not difficult to create a space where people want to work. Adding color, activities and different areas for different types of work are three simple ways to do just that.

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