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In the market for a 2nd hand car? Here are some tips to buy it on a budget!

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On the #WeekendBreakfast with Phemelo Motene, our very own car guy Tumelo Maketekete shares some tips and tricks to buying a car on a R100 000 budget.

Maketekete says that if your budget is R100 000, then that means you’re not looking to spend extra cash on your ‘newly’ bought car.

If you are cash strapped, stay away from diesel cars because they are expensive to maintain he says.

Maketekete adds that you also need to stay away from turbo cars because they have probably been abused.

When you do go out, look for uneven tyre wear because that means you’re going to replace shocks and tyres.

— Tumelo Maketekete, #WeekendBreakfast car guy

Maketekete says that even if you buy a second hand vehicle, it should have road legal tyres.

He adds that a good indicator of damaged wheels and shocks – are patches and thread on tyres.

Spend time observing the car, if the car has been in an accident, the dealer probably won’t tell you because at the end of the day, they want your money.

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