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Meet The Most Mysterious Special Edition PS4 Game You’ve Ever Seen

You’ve gotta love iam8bit. They have a knack for producing creative tie-ins or limited-run special editions of both revered and obscure video games. From hawking astronaut ice cream in ‘ADR1FT‘ to beautifully conceived vinyl soundtrack packages ala The Uncharted Vinyl Collection, the company knows how to draw out the greedy collector in all of us. Except, well, now they’ve partnered with a sex doll company for a mysterious release of puzzle platformer ‘INSIDE.’ 

I’m sitting here drifting between totally confused and intensely curious.

iam8bit has teamed up with INSIDE developers Playdead (also known for the brutal but excellent Limbo) and sex doll company Real Doll to release a cryptic $375 version of the game. The package will include a physical copy of INSIDE for PS4 and Steam codes for their latest release as well as Limbo. It will also include… “other stuff.”

Seriously, here are product details pulled directly from the preorder site:

  • It ships “when it’s done. If that makes you anxious don’t order it.”
  • The Special Edition “weighs a surprising amount.”
  • They won’t reveal the contents “no matter how hard you try.”
  • “Maybe it’s what you’re thinking. Maybe not.”

This sort of brings the concept of a mystery loot box to preposterous new levels, yea?

INSIDE’s ambiguous ending was wide open to interpretation, and the award-winning game left players theorizing multiple possibilities. This offering is certainly adopting the same approach.

I would be shocked if the obvious conclusion is what’s actually contained in the box though, if not for the simple fact that Realdoll’s products cost thousands of dollars. I don’t recall any overt sexuality in the game, though there were heavy doses of psychological themes and plenty of gory 2D dismemberment.

Here’s my theory: the Huddle is about 4 meters tall, right? That’s about 13 feet. And the box “weighs a surprising amount.” There’s also that gift wrap, or maybe that’s just to throw us off…


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