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Minions Win The Game In League of Legends All-Star Match

In game 2 of last night’s All-Star match between Korea and China, it seemed the latter had just secured a 2-0 sweep of their opponent, downing all five opposing team members. But the Chinese all-star team forgot about the sixth man: the minions.

While champions, the player-controlled avatars in each match of League of Legends, run around getting gold and powering up, a set of computer-controlled minions spawn every 30 seconds. They run down each lane, mindlessly driven towards whatever target is put in front of them. Often, minions are the cannon fodder, but in the match between Korea and China, they finally got their chance to shine.

While China and Korea were busy fighting in the middle of the map, Korea’s minions had garnered a swell in the top lane, surging into the other team’s base. League of Legends is won by killing the enemy team’s nexus, and so while China was barreling for Korea’s nexus after a team wipe, Korea’s minions were slowly but surely beating down China’s nexus.

Two players from China try to use their teleport-home ability to try and stop it, but they aren’t fast enough. The minions manage to eke out the sliver of damage needed before the enemy can stop them or draw them away, and the little guys score the win for Korea. For every wave of minions dashed against the rocks in countless games of League of Legends, this brave group of mindless drones has shown their worth and are, truly, the all-stars.

The All-Star matches wrap up later tonight, and you can catch the games on the Riot Games Twitch channel.


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