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Moto 360 Camera Mod: spherical panorama camera for the Moto Z phones

Motorola unveiled a 360° camera mod for its customizable Moto Z phones. The mod covers the entire back in order to connect the pogo pins at the phone’s bottom to the two fisheye cameras on the top of the mod itself.

Moto 360 Camera Mod for the Motorola Z series
Moto 360 Camera Mod for the Motorola Z series

Unfortunately, little is known about the Moto 360 Camera Mod itself – not the resolution of the still photos, not of the videos, not even price or a potential launch date. The mod was unveiled at an event in Ghana, you can watch the video below (the relevant part starts at 14:36).


The event was centered on the Moto Z, but concluded with a tour of some of the available mods, including this 360° cam, which will challenge Essential phone’s 360° camera.

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