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Mozilla releases new update for Firefox 65

Mozilla Corporation has releasedits first update of 2019 for Firefox 65 that focuses on privacy controls and other features.

The new update improves many features and has an increased focus on privacy. Firefox 65 lets you manage the information that you share while you browse the internet. Mozilla has introduced privacy controls in the new release as part of its broader focus on protecting user data and tracking. The company has integrated redesigned controls that would make it easier for users to identify and set the privacy guidelines that they want. The different levels of tracking include Standard, Strict, and Custom modes. The Standard mode will block known trackers when the user is browsing on a private window. The Strict mode will block all trackers that are detected by Firefox 65 which may result in some websites not working properly. The Custom mode lets users set a list of trackers and cookies they want to block.

The new update also improves media support. Firefox 65 supports next-generation AV1 video codec on Windows, which is a royalty-free video coding format. It also supports WebP image format that its rival browser Chrome has supported for years.

Mozilla has also added updates to make the browser more secure. It has added seven security advisories, three of which are marked critical. Two of the critical advisories (CVE-2018-18501 and CVE-2018-18502) deal with memory safety bugs that, if exploited, could potentially enable an attacker to run arbitrary code. The other critical vulnerability is CVE-2018-18500, which was reported to Mozilla by security researcher Yaniv Frank from Sophos Labs.

The performance management of the browser too has improved. If a user wants to find out why a specific web page is taking too long to load, she can check the browser’s Task Manager page by typing about:performance in the address bar. The command will report the memory used by tabs and add-ons that could possibly be the cause of the problem and even provide solutions like refreshing, closing, blocking the tab or uninstalling the extension.



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