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How Much Coverage Is Really Needed – A New Guide To Buying Auto Insurance

Image result for How Much Coverage Is Really Needed - A New Guide To Buying Auto Insurance has released a new blog post that explains how much car insurance coverage should drivers buy!

Determining how much money to invest in auto insurance is a bit complicated. Multiple factors must be taken into consideration, including mandatory requirements. But there are also factors that depend on the client’s preferences (deductibles, extra riders). Drivers can get free quotes from and compare prices.

  • Buying the minimum coverage is mandatory. Each state imposes a minimum coverage level. Furthermore, the legislation says which coverage types to buy. In order to drive legally, a driver must purchase the minimum required by the state where he lives.
  • Drivers should determine the value of their cars and accessories. The golden rule of auto insurance is to determine purchase coverage equal to the value of the car, plus extra accessories. In order to cover accessories, clients may have to purchase special riders or policies.
  • PIP coverage is not a good option for those with good health insurance plans. Purchasing Personal Injury Protection may be redundant and just a waste of money if the driver has a solid health insurance plan.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage must be bought if the car is new and not fully owned. Typically, lienholders will ask to get and keep these 2 policies active for as long as the client still pays for the car.
  • UM/UIM ensure increased protection at a relatively low cost. UM/UIM insurance costs approximately 5% of the annual auto insurance premium. For example, if an annual auto insurance premium costs $800, adding UM/UIM insurance will cost $40 per year. In return, the client will get full protection against the numerous uninsured and underinsured drivers roaming on the roads.

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