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People Make Kwalee: Magda Mackiewicz

Kwalee is made up of a diverse bunch of people, and we’re growing all the time!

To provide some insight into the multitude of individuals and roles that go into releasing chart-topping games, we’re pulling back the curtain and focusing on the people that make it all happen. You can find the full People Make Kwalee archive here.

This time we’re chatting to Magda Mackiewicz, our newest HR Advisor!

What do you do at Kwalee?

In simplest terms, HR professionals are responsible for managing employee life cycles and making sure the company creates the right conditions for employees to succeed.

My role at Kwalee is to work closely with all the departments to understand the challenges they’re facing and the support they may need from the organisation.

My favourite part of the role is working on Kwalee HR strategy which provides the right tools and support to reach their full potential whilst keeping the amazing atmosphere and team spirit we’re proud of.

After all, Kwalee employees are our biggest asset!

What’s the first game you’ve played that inspired you?

The game world was always covered with mystery for me, so only once I joined Kwalee did I discover the fun and colourful world of games. How can you choose one? Every single game is a journey that takes you to the next level.

Now I spend my evenings exploring new games with my kids and it’s such an amazing feeling to see them being proud of me for trying new things.

If you ever doubted, start playing games, they’re not only fun but a great team-building tool that develops your focus and creativity.

Why is your role important at Kwalee?

At Kwalee every employee feels appreciated and important as we work as one mechanism creating the amusing experience, which is only possible when we treat our role with full commitment and importance.

In my case, I have the pleasure of being an HR Advisor, which means I have the opportunity to get to know all Kwalee employees and their career aspirations and be a part of their growth and development journey at Kwalee.

What’s something about your role that might surprise people?

I believe that I can be successful in my role only when the business succeeds and the company becomes a desirable employer on the market.

People tend to be surprised to realise that my role is far more than creating policies and procedures.

What’s the best/your most favourite part about your role?

HR is a perfect place for people who like challenges and puzzles with emotional twists. I absolutely love working on business strategy making sure our Human Resources are at the centre of our attention.

How did you end up in games and what’s been your path in the industry so far?

The HR world is currently going through a massive change and the focus is being shifted from administration to proactive thinking and creativity. The gaming world is more than any other industry is ready to try a new approach and offer their employees a new version of HR support.

I always wanted to use my creativity and analytical skills and Kwalee is definitely a place to nourish and develop both.

Here at Kwalee, we’re encouraged to step out of our comfort zone and explore new things, find the unusual in our daily activities, and share our ideas even if we doubt them at first.

Kwalee’s promise to be open to new ideas and support your creativity is not just a promise it’s the way we operate.

How does life at Kwalee differ from other companies you’ve worked with?

We’re very proud that despite intense growth at Kwalee we’ve kept our warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere, whilst staying extremely creative and transparent with each other.

At Kwalee every single employee is an important part of the team, you’re being seen and respected. It is definitely an enjoyable place of work for HR professionals as all members of our teams want to be a part of Kwalee and we all want to succeed together.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to join the games industry?

If you’re creative, ambitious and love innovations, don’t overthink it, just give it a go and send your application.


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