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How to pick out the perfect engagement ring for every kind of bride


We are all for Beyoncé’s, “If you like it, put a ring on it,” school of thought. But ask any bride-to-be, and chances are, her bigger concern is being presented with a ring she doesn’t like when being courted by the man of her dreams. After all, an art deco ring for the urban bride or a flashy sparkler for the minimalist missus are classic cases of square pegs in round holes.

For the millennial Indian bride, the engagement ring is an extension of her personality rather than a mere declaration of being off the market. So it only follows that the ring she says ‘I do’ to is one that she resonates with as well. Vogue decided to tap into the expertise of renowned diamantaire, Nirav Modi, to make the process of selecting the perfect ring (or dropping a subtle hint about it) seamless. Read on for his all-important tips:

 While a bride may pick different looks for her various functions, one should take into account what designs suit her unique personality when picking an engagement ring.

– A jewel should bring out the brilliance of the diamonds, so the use of minimal metal in a setting that helps maximize the sparkle of the stones is of great importance. Contemporary brides also appreciate jewellery that is versatile enough to be worn regularly after their wedding.

– It is important to focus on the quality of the diamonds as well as the craftsmanship that goes into making the jewel. Opt for the highest quality GIA-certified diamonds and superior craftsmanship.

– Any jewel meant for a bride should be unique and versatile. At the same time, it is important that the jewels be light, fluid and extremely comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Can’t decide between that cushion-cut solitaire and heirloom pear-cut ring? Let our guide lead the way:



The engagement ring: Classic Winston Radiant Yellow Diamond Ring

Why: Not one to shy away from stares, this bride deserves a ring as regal as her disposition. Think rare, unique and dazzling. A fancy-cut yellow diamond solitaire flanked by diamond side stones (or in a halo setting) makes for an exceptionally fitting choice. Buy it at



The engagement ring: The Tiffany Setting with Diamond Band

Why: The brand is a no-brainer for the bride who grew up on a steady diet of chick-lits and Audrey Hepburn movies. Her engagement ring, like most of her choices in life, needs to boast a patina of old-world elegance. And what’s more classic than the world’s most iconic engagement ring? Buy it at



The engagement ring: Bulgari Griffe Ring

Why: A traffic-stopping rock is going to make her uneasy rather than squeal with delight. This elegant platinum band with a modestly-sized solitaire will do the trick. She can always stack it with Bulgari’s Eternity wedding band. Buy it at



The engagement ring: Endless band by Nirav Modi

Why: This is perfect for a bride who loves to stand out from the crowd. A result of decade-long research, this patented Nirav Modi Endless Cut creates a circle of diamonds that seamlessly flow into each other without any metal visible on the surface. Each diamond is cut and set in accordance to the bride’s finger. Nothing spells bespoke luxury quite like customised diamonds. Buy it at



The engagement ring: Cartier Love Solitaire

Why: It’s not really the carats in the diamond, but the sentiment behind the ring that matters most to this bride. Which is why a fuss-free yet sophisticated engagement ring from Cartier’s iconic Love collection will win her heart.


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