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Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

Your big day is coming up and you are busy planning your wedding. Your dream is to have it outside with nature as the background. Is an outdoor simple as you hope? Here are a few tips that will help your day go off without a hitch.

Provide Your Guests Shelter

Whether it is to keep the rain off your ceremony or to shade your guests from the summer sun, you might want to rent tents for you wedding. Many event tent rental in massachusetts can help you figure out the size and design of the tent you will need.

Be Permitted

Once you have chosen your venue, check to see if you need permits to be there. Many parks will have rules involving clean up after the party is over. You will also want to ensure there is electricity for food preparation and lighting when it gets dark.

Back-Up Plan

As much as your heart might be set on an outdoor wedding, you will need an alternative location if the weather becomes too severe. You will want to reach out to places close to your outdoor venue to see if they can host you in the worst case scenario.

Watch Your Wardrobe

Match your wedding dress and shoes to your venue to stay comfortable. Wearing heels that sink into potentially soft earth might make walking around to visit difficult. If you are outside in the summer sun, you might want a cooler dress than one with many layers.

Keep Communication Open

Find a method of communication to let your guests know if there is a change of plans in your wedding plans. It can be as simple as a Facebook page or as complex as a webpage. Remind your guests in the invitation that they should look at your site for updates

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