Rohit Sharma to bat for sports brand Trusox

Cricketer Rohit Sharma & Sanil Sachar, co-owner of Trusox India

Cricketer Rohit Sharma has been named the brand ambassador of global sports brand, Trusox at an event organised by Trusox co-owner Sanil Sachar. Trusox has arrived in India after becoming the preferred socks for top international athletes across different sports around the world.

Trusox is an innovation by former footballer and coach Jim Cherneski, who first made it from his home while playing and coaching Crystal Palace Baltimore (USA) Football Club. With it, Trusox brings to India a revolutionary performance-enhancing grip socks, which maximises the foot comfort.

Speaking on the occasion, Rohit Sharma said, “It’s a great brand and I have seen a lot of footballers and cricketers use Trusox. Technology is something that I always look forward to, especially when it enhances your performance on the field. Trusox has been an essential part of my kit. I look forward to a long partnership with them.”

Adding his views, Sanil Sachar, said, “Sharma is an ambassador for Trusox purely because he stands for being a true athlete. His passion for the country and game is seen in his calm yet explosive performances, where he has shown why he is loved by billions.”


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